Chewy Chocolate & Raspberry Crumb Bars

Just when you think you've tried them all, here's a dessert bar with a twist! Not only is there tart raspberry jam swirled into the chocolate morsels, but there's a chewy texture if they're made with caramel. The secret is the sweetened condensed milk, melted together with semi-sweet chips! They smell heavenly right out of the oven, but trust me when I say they are even better when refrigerated. That's when all the chewy goodness happens!

Ginger Molasses Sandwich Cookies

These sweet and spicy ginger cookies are thin and chewy but hold up well as a sandwich. The filling is just sweet enough, with a little kick from the chutney. I love the slight crunch the granulated sugar gives the exterior of the cookies too. 

Orange Ricotta Pancakes

Nothing beats a fresh, homemade batch of pancakes on the weekend, especially if they are made with ricotta cheese and orange juice! A traditional golden crust on the outside, but fluffy citrus on the inside. The ricotta makes them taste almost creamy instead of cake-like.  They're not at all like the packaged stuff; you can tell these are homemade!

Boozy Shamrock Shakes

Hey grownups, this one is made just for you! If you're busy adulting and parenting like most of the friends I have, getting out to the bars to celebrate your Irish heritage is a bit of a stretch these days. With the help of my husband, we have concocted this Boozy Shamrock Shake for you! Despite how much we've enjoyed them in the past, those fluorescent green milk-like shakes from your favorite fast food drive-thru are not healthy!  If you're going to ingest a bunch of extra calories, at least do it with all natural ice cream and an alcoholic kicker. Here's to staying in! 

Perfect Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Everyone loves a good cut out cookie! They are fun, festive and these are by far the best tasting I've ever had. The cream cheese in the dough makes them very easy to roll out and work with while the citrus zest, nutmeg and almond extract give it a unique and amazing flavor. So stock up on your cookie cutter collection because once you serve a batch of these perfect cut out cookies, everyone will be begging you for more!

Almond Glazed Cherry & Honey Scones

The dough for these sweet mini scones can be a bit stickier than most due to the honey, but the flavor it brings is worth it! With chewy dried cherries and almond scented glaze, they are without a doubt far better than any store bought version!