Favorite Things | February

Favorite Things | February

It was a short month, but packed with lots of new things! From superheroes to cookies and a color obsession... just wait until you see what I've found.


 Maybe I'm still in a Valentine's Day frame of mind, but most of the songs I listened to this month really touched my heart. Beautiful lyrics and groovy melodies. I tried to keep my February playlist (<<click for immediate gratification) upbeat since the sun was barely visible. 

  1. Beyond, Leon Bridges  
  2. Ends of the Earth, Lord Huron
  3. The Story, Dolly Parton
  4. Moonlight, Grace VanderWaal
  5. Serious, Midnight Kids (with Matthew Koma)  
  6. Darlin', Houndmouth
  7. Have It All,  Jason Mraz
  8. Never Gonna Wait Forever, Dan Holman
  9. Someone that Loves You,  HONNE & Izzy Bizu
  10. Only Love, Ben Howard


 I can thank my husband once again for introducing me to another crazy cool superhero show to binge. Have you stumbled across The Umbrella Academy on Netflix? It's a really different premise… a number of women around the world all gave birth on the same day, only they weren't pregnant when they woke up. An eccentric billionaire buys seven of the children and it turns out they have superpowers! I am only a few episodes away from the end of the 1st season and can't stop thinking about it! 

The Umbrella Academy&nbsp;

The Umbrella Academy 


 I didn't read/listen to him nearly as many books as I would've liked, however, the ones I did were outstanding.

  1. I finally finished Michelle Obama's Becoming. I already fell in love with her husband's previous 2 books and see a lot of similarities in their writing, or storytelling ability. Probably the side effect of decades of conversations with the same person.  I probably don't have to expand much on this since you've either read it, have it on your wishlist to read, or have a zero intention of reading anything by "an Obama". Regardless, many of her experiences touched me deeply, especially her emotions during her father's illness and death, navigating close female friendships, eye opening aspects of marriage and the struggles of parenting. 
  2. The Other Woman, by Sandie Jones.  I truly didn't know where this psychological thriller was headed... the twists were surprising and kept me turning the pages. I appreciated the author's unconventional ending. 
  3. The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller. The Odyssey is one of my top 3 favorite books, so finding this novel was a treasure! A heartwrenching story of the the life, love & death of Achilles & Patroclus.
  4. The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters,  by Sam Kashner. A mesmerizing glimpse into the complicated relationship of two world famous sisters. 
February book reads

February book reads

In the Kitchen: 

 I was all set to supervise my nine year old on his first solo cookie bake, until he pointed out some beautiful French macarons... damn you, Pinterest!  They have been on my baking bucket list for over a year, so obviously we'd attempt to make them together.  A little research and we were able to confirm... they were going to be difficult! "Time consuming", "finicky", and that's just what the first few recipes stated! I'm so thankful he has big, pleading eyes that pushed me out off my comfort zone because we knocked it out of the park!  They were good enough to be impressive and not make me feel like a failure, but not so perfect that they don't need improvement. 

raspberry macarons&nbsp;

raspberry macarons 

I'm already making notes on how to improve the next recipe. I didn't really enjoy the butter cream filling (should've made my own trusted recipe) and thought we could skip the step for drawing circles on parchment paper to ensure similar sizing. (Note: do not skip that.) Now that we've made it through,  I can say with assurance... macarons are not so difficult.  I think if you have a basic knowledge of baking terms (whisk, froth, fold, pipe) and a few key gadgets (electric mixer, large fine mesh sieve,  pastry bag, piping tips), the daunting recipe can absolutely be tackled with great success!


  1. This facial scrub smells like a delicious berry smoothie and makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth.  (At only $6, how could you not give it a try?)
  2. Finally, a monthly subscription for my kids that's worth the money! I got this for my math/engineering-minded 11 year old and was stunned by just how much he enjoyed it! So, we ordered an art-focused one for the 9 year old. I can't wait to see what shows up in the mailbox for them next month!
  3. PINK.  That's right... just pink. I can't stop myself.  Is drawing me in, like a moth to a flame and I can't seem to swerve. Everything from bedding to sneakers, cocktails and cookies, lately I feel the need to surround myself with the soft, romantic hue.
strawberry beet prosecco&nbsp;

strawberry beet prosecco 

rose colored linens for the master bedroom

rose colored linens for the master bedroom

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