The "Playdough Mom"

While I may not have the opportunity to be at school once a week, I still try to find a way to volunteer a bit of my time. The best way I can think to still be involved with my already tight schedule is to be the class "play-dough mom"! Here's how my son and I make use of some quality time on the weekend, doing an activity together that we can both feel proud of...

Unlikely Storage Solutions

We desperately needed more storage but I felt like every nook and cranny in our home was already spoken for.  After a year of browsing catalogs and websites, I was on the hunt for some lockers, vintage if possible. With four active little boys I knew I couldn't worry about them getting knicked or beaten up over the years.

Recipe Fanatic

I adore recipes! I like being able to search for something new and explore what might be out of my comfort zone. I get such joy from not only talking about and sharing the dishes with my friends, but giving them the tools for recreating them on their own as well.

Our Complete Basement Renovation

I can't explain just how proud I am of this renovation, or of my husband who stuck by me through it all, from the first brainstorming photo until the last shelf was placed.  It's the first home project we tackled together and I love our results! It was creating something from nothing.  This was a great metaphor for our marriage.