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The Best Chili Ever

It's taken a few years to get this chili just right, but it was worth all the trial and error. Like most treasured family recipes,  it's been tweaked and adjusted over time to the liking of each member,  until it's a group favorite.  Spicy, sweet, and smoky... this is true comfort food.

Shepherd's Pie

Not all pies are created equal. Some are very special.  March 14 is National Pi(e) Day. 3.14 ha ha, get it? (I know, corny.) Shepherd's Pie, made with primarily lamb, and Cottage Pie, made of beef,  I compromised with the "meatloaf mix" made up of pork, veal and beef. Topped with broiled mashed potato and cheese crust,  this is the best savory option you'll ever come across!

Guinness Irish Stew

Move over corned beef! This sirloin stew is a slow cooked, super tender, traditional Irish comfort food. The rich gravy is incredible; building on the beefy flavor with a substantial amount of Guinness, fresh herbs and lots of hearty root vegetables. Grab a slice of your favorite soda bread, slather it with some Kerrygold butter, and dig in. Sláinte!

Apple Cider Beef Stew

I love to make this stew once the autumn season starts. It's one of my most requested recipes as well. Hearty, comforting and slightly different from most slow cooker beef stews; I think the cinnamon is the secret ingredient to making this a memorable!

Beef Braciole

Beef braciola is a special Italian meal I'll make only for certain occasions. It's labor intensive, requires several hours to cook and is a bit pricey, to boot. WHY would anyone ever bother, you ask?

It's. Just. That. Good.