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Cream of Asparagus Soup

I get really excited when asparagus makes its way to the front of the produce section. It means Easter is around the corner & spring is in the air! Bring on the warmer weather & fresh garden veggies!  Unfortunately, Upstate New York still has mounds of snow this time of year, but a bowl of this velvety asparagus soup is a warm reminder of sunny days yet to come. 

My family already loves roasted cauliflower florets with just a sprinkling of sea salt. So I thought I would make a meal of it by turning it into a soup instead! There is very little cream despite the smooth, hearty texture. 

This soup is loaded with flavor from the onions and garlic, plus the cheesy topping!  I prefer to use pancetta instead of bacon; the flavor is a little smokier and the texture is less chewy. It's the perfect warm & comforting meal for those damp, early-spring evenings!

It's a few days after Thanksgiving and we are stuffed from overindulging during holiday festivities.  There are still leftovers in the refrigerator but the dry turkey sandwiches just aren't cutting it anymore.  Any of this sounding familiar?  I found the best way to use up any leftover roasted turkey or rotisserie chicken is by using it in a soup!

As soon as the weather starts to get chilly, I immediately start thinking of soups and stews to fill our weekday menu.  This is a classic Italian soup, easy to make with most ingredients you have on hand, including fresh thyme and pancetta. 

Honest to goodness, this soup tastes just like the "Zuppa Toscana" from Olive Garden.  It's not heavy or thick like a cream soup normally is since it's mostly broth based.  The cream is added just before serving, giving it a silken texture.  Big chunks of crumbled Italian sausage and diced white potatoes make this meal hearty enough to stand on its own but the kale adds a slightly crunchy texture.