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Creamy Lime Tart

 Just in time for Pi Day, St. Patrick‚Äôs Day and the first day of spring, this creamy lime tart is just as addictive as Meyer lemon bars, but with a little more pucker! It can be prepared entirely in the food processor, has the easiest crust in the world, and would look so lovely on your Easter table!

Meyer Lemon Tart with Shortbread Crust

Perfection in pie form! We ate slice after slice for three days; every bite was as delightful as the first. Velvety tart filling on a mildly sweet shortbread crust that made everyone smile with satisfaction. Meyer Lemons are truly the star of the citrus family! 

Meyer Lemon Bars

When it comes to desserts, chocolate and vanilla are well and good but lemon is the underdog I love to root for! I've been in search of a perfect lemon bar... that precise balance of sweet and tangy, creamy and crumbly. Now that I've found the secret, I'll NEVER waste my time with another version again!