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Tahini & Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once I tried this combination of savory, smoky tahini paste and sweet, creamy milk chocolate, my life was changed for the better! They are as picture perfect as they are satisfying, so you can feel  confident serving them for an afterschool snack and at the local bake sale.  Plus, everyone will want to know what that incredible secret ingredient is. (I tell them “love” of course!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate & peanut butter: undoubtedly one of the best duos EVER! This cookie has a soft, peanut butter-based dough, rich cocoa powder, crispy peanut butter candies and is dotted with sweet mini peanut butter cups. All that goodness, yet it’s not too sweet! Perfect with a cold glass of milk, after school or after dinner. Or for breakfast, if I’m being honest! 

Banana Coconut Quick Bread with Chocolate & Pecans

My favorite banana bread recipe is tried and true, straight from one of my vintage cookbooks.  Simple & satisfying, never dry, always perfect.  I love the original but I've made a few changes to amp it up; giving a little twist to a great classic. Chocolate, banana, pecans and coconut; these ingreadients were meant to be together.

Chewy Chocolate & Raspberry Crumb Bars

Just when you think you've tried them all, here's a dessert bar with a twist! Not only is there tart raspberry jam swirled into the chocolate morsels, but there's a chewy texture if they're made with caramel. The secret is the sweetened condensed milk, melted together with semi-sweet chips! They smell heavenly right out of the oven, but trust me when I say they are even better when refrigerated. That's when all the chewy goodness happens!