Strawberry Banana Beet Smoothie

Strawberry & beet make for an incredible combination! Sweet, earthy, and vibrantly colored... this smoothie is too wonderful to be reserved for only breakfast time.  NO ONE can taste the beets once it's paired with bananas & berries (not my 4 picky boys, OR my equally discerning husband). The addition of spinach, flaxseed and oat milk only makes it creamy and even healthier... but it still tastes like dessert to me! 

Double Blueberry & Spiced Orange Muffins

Imagine if holiday cranberry sauce were actually made with blueberries, and then baked into a tender muffin with a crunchy, sugar dome. Sweet, tangy, citrusy, herbal, peppery and aromatic. (And those were just the first few words I thought to describe them!) The spice and fruit combination is complimentary but unexpected and so lovely, in my opinion.  Just perfection, with a cup of hot tea on a cool winter morning!

Eggnog Donut Muffins

Buttery, sugary Eggnog Donut Muffins. It’s what holiday breakfasts are made of! A little dense, like a donut but tender like a muffin. So much nutmeg & eggnog, it perfumes the air as they cool. A perfect addition to your brunch table or buffet!

Tahini & Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once I tried this combination of savory, smoky tahini paste and sweet, creamy milk chocolate, my life was changed for the better! They are as picture perfect as they are satisfying, so you can feel  confident serving them for an afterschool snack and at the local bake sale.  Plus, everyone will want to know what that incredible secret ingredient is. (I tell them “love” of course!)

Piña Colada Veggie Smoothie

  A sweet and creamy tropical morning  smoothie that reminds me of our honeymoon on the beach! Unlike the Jamaican beverages, this version is packed with vitamins, probiotics and is high in protein,  so I feel really good about giving it to my family! 

Morning Glory (“Kitchen Sink”) Muffins

  A muffin that taste like cake, is chock full of healthy ingredients, and keeps me full for hours? Now that’s my kind of breakfast on-the-go! I love that it can be tailored to anyone’s preference, adding or substituting ingredients as you like.  Carrots, apples, raisins, spices, coconut, dates, orange zest… the options are endless!